A 5-Year Review of AAHPERD Poster Presentations in the Area of Sport Education

David Barney, Brad Strand


One desired outcome ofk-12 physical education is that all students will have positive experiences during their classes. If students have positive experiences in physical education, they will physically likely be physically active throughout their lives (Barney & Strand, 2008). Unfortunately, for some students the physical education experience has been boring, unnecessary, a waste of time, or just not cool (Rice, 1988). One tool physical educators can manipulate to ensure that student's have positive experiences in physical education, is the curriculum. Barney and Deutsch (2009) found that the curriculum used in a middle school program played a major role in affecting students' attitudes, both positively and negatively. In this instance, the middle school students liked the games and activities they participated in, which were made up of mostly team sports.

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