Hello John John Young, Purdue University, United States

Hello Donna Donna Wilt, Florida Institute of Technology, United States

Hello Lawrence Lawrence T. Wade, Delta Connection Academy, United States

Hello Michele Michele Summers, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, United States

Hello Joseph Joseph Suarez, University of Dubuque, United States

Hello Kate Kate Stevens, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Hello Anne H. Anne Stevens, Business Aviation Ground Schools, Inc., United States

Hello Guy Guy M. Smith, University Aviation Association, United States

Dr. Jose R. Ruiz, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, United States

Hello Sherry Sherry Reese, FAA, United States

Hello Mary Mary Niemczyk, Arizona State University, United States

Hello Matthijs Matthijs H.J. Amelink, DECIS Lab, Thales Research & Tech, Netherlands

Hello Laura Laura Dumin, Oklahoma State University, United States

Dr. Todd Hubbard, University of Oklahoma

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